ONE hundred years ago, the War Memorial in Wellington Park was unveiled by F Hugh Fox.

And so Wellington Town Council (WTC) have decided to commemorate the occasion this year during the Armed Forces Day event on June 26 2021.

It was reported in the Wellington Weekly (on June 22 1921) that between 2,000 and 3,000 people attended the unveiling on June 17 - many of those were relatives of people who had died.

The report also said around 80 flower wreaths were laid during the event.

During Armed Forces Day this year, F Hugh Fox’s grandson, Richard Fox, will unveil a centenary plaque which is to be placed near the memorial.

WTC is commissioning the plaque to commemorate the event.

Dave Farrow, town clerk, said: “We have chosen that day in consultation with the Royal British Legion Wellington Branch as hopefully by then Covid-19 restrictions will have been lifted and more people will be able to attend the event.

“We particularly want to extend an invitation to attend the unveiling to any relatives of people named on the memorial.”

The combined cadet force from Wellington School will also be at the unveiling event, to mark the fact that its officer training corps attended the original unveiling on June 17 1921.

The Armed Forces Day event will start at 10am.

Armed Forces Day asks people to show support for the people who make up the Armed Forces community.