A VILLAGE post office shut since the postmaster died is set to close permanently.

A planning application has been submitted to convert the former shop premises that housed Bishops Lydeard Post Office into a home.

The applicants, Mr and Mrs Mark Green Sims, say the post office in Taunton Road is no longer viable.

Sci-fi writer Sir Arthur C. Clarke worked in the post office when he was a teenager.

The business premises has been closed since October last year following the sudden death of post office franchisee and building owner Neil Dunsford.

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A statement to planners at Somerset West and Taunton Council says: "The post office has now been closed for seven months.

"The post office is not a financially viable business due to the decline in the footfall and services that people require due to the modernisation of many of the services offered that are now online."

It adds: "The services that were offered are covered by the many businesses in the local area and the nearest post office is approximately three miles away, easily accessible by a convenient bus route and two further post offices around four miles away."

The statement says the Post Office has removed its advertisement or the franchise of the Bishops Lydeard operation.

It adds that some services such as stamps and a cash machine are available at the village Co-op, which is currently planning to move from the centre of the village to Taunton Road, close to the closed post office premises.

A further statement to the planners says: "The current proposal is to convert the former shop premises from a commercial to a domestic use and to incorporate them into the existing dwelling.

"No new extensions are required and the building floor area and footprint remain as existing.

"The internal layout of the existing house is not altered as a result of the proposals but a new internal wall will be added to sub-divide the former shop area into a playroom and study."