AS a grandmother with four grandchildren in school, I was deeply dismayed to hear the Government announce it was to spend a mere £1.4 billion in response to the pandemic to help children catch up on their lost learning over the past year.

This is about a tenth of the £15 billion total recommended by the education recovery commissioner, Sir Kevan Collins, who subsequently resigned in protest.

It equates to only £50 per child, compared to £2,500 per child in the Netherlands and £1,600 in the USA.

It would be laughable if it were not so serious! How can we value our children’s welfare so cheaply?

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As one of the older generation, I have been very fortunate to receive two vaccinations against Covid-19.

This is a virus which has barely affected young children, and yet they are the ones who have been made to suffer, stay indoors away from friends and family and kept from school for almost a year - a strategy intended to protect the older generation and keep the NHS from being overwhelmed.

Our children and young people have not only missed their education but also social interaction with their friends.

They are the ones who need help and support.

Amazingly this Government was prepared to pay out £37 billion, often to its own friends and associates, on a dubious Track and Trace system, but only £1.4 billion on our children and their futures.

They should be ashamed!