EARLIER this week, I set out to reach Silk Mills Road (in Taunton).

At the junction of Claremont Drive and Comeytrowe Lane I went to turn right, only to be faced with a sign telling me that the road ahead was closed.

I did a u-turn, went back down the hill and turned left into Galmington Drive. When I reached Galmington Road I turned left and went on my way.

As I passed the end of Comeytrowe Lane it was obvious that the road was open, and I discovered that the only obstruction involved the last 100 yards or so of Galmington Road, prior to the junction with Wellington New Road.

Any possible inconvenience was minimalised by the fact that it was possible to turn left into Cornishway.

This scarcely justified a notice on Galmington Road itself, but halfway down Cometrowe Lane? Come on!

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I have been trying to imagine a reason for such a ridiculous placing of a sign, and can only think of two.

The first is incompetence, and the second is a desire by residents of Comeytrowe Lane to reduce the volume of traffic!

We have enough problems with traffic in Taunton at the moment.

I do hope the appropriate authorities will try not to make things any more difficult than they need be.

God bless you.