A FAULTY plug socket in a council house was finally fixed last week - after a 10-year-old received an electric shock.

A woman from Taunton, who does not wish to be named, reported the faulty socket, which had a three to four inch gap between it and the wall, to Somerset West and Taunton Council (SWT) at Christmas.

Six weeks ago, an electrician visited her home and said the socket was 'very unsafe' but could be left until someone comes to fix it.

One night, her son was in the front room and said the TV was flickering and so he went to turn the plug on and off. But as he did, he received an electric shock.

"It could have been a lot worse for my son," she said.

"Almost an hour after it happened he felt sick and had a headache and I was advised to take him to hospital.

"Luckily now he is fine apart from a sore hand.

"It really scared him, bless him, but thankfully he is now okay."

The woman then rang the council who said they had no record of her call at Christmas, but would send someone out to take a look.

When they did, she was told this was a serious hazard and it should not have been left.

SWT has said they are investigating this 'unfortunate incident'.

Cllr Fran Smith, executive member for housing, said: “Our priority as a landlord is to keep our tenants safe and ensure repairs are carried out in line with our policies and Government guidance on Covid-19.

"The council is currently investigating this unfortunate incident and liaising with both the tenant and our electrical contractor.”

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