INTERESTING to see a piece in the Gazette relating to contractors who were given the contract by Persimmons to dig a trench to place a sewage pipe in Heathfield Drive, Monkton Heathfield, to facilitate new houses built at Hartnell’s Farm, across the road from Heathfield Drive.

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The contractors, GA Doble, were fined for safety breaches, as yet not specified.

The background to Doble getting the contract was apparently that no other contractor would touch the job with a long surveyor's pole.

Even Doble were less than enthusiastic taking on the job, so their quote was so eye-wateringly high that Persimmons would balk at it and look elsewhere.

However, due to Persimmon’s desperation to get the job done, hey presto.

Step up Mr Doble!

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As for the other minor problems of digging up the length of Heathfield Drive, well, Persimmon’s public relations department went into overdrive and did absolutely nothing.

Not even a letter to apologise for all the inconvenience to the residents of Heathfield Drive. Nice.

Monkton Heathfield