AN application has been submitted to re-open a disused quarry near Frome.

Hanson Aggregates UK has applied to open Westdown Quarry, which sits adjacent to Asham Woods (a Site of Special Scientific Interest), has not been used since the last 1980s.

They have said the re-opening will create an additional 40 full time jobs in the area.

But many people are unhappy about the plans, saying re-opening the quarry will have a 'devastating' effect on the environment.

One resident said: "As we understand more and more the damage that we have done, and continue to do, to the environment and the window we have to ameliorate this damage grows increasingly small, we have to stop.

"As individuals we are encouraged to recycle, plant trees, stop mowing our lawns, reuse and live more sustainable lives.

"I ask you to reject these applications It’s a beautiful, diverse natural environment in and around Asham Woods.

"Let’s keep it that way."

Cllr Shane Collins, councillor for Keyford Ward in Frome, also objected to the plans.

His main concerns include: increase in noise (from sirens, blasting, machinery); increase in traffic; health of local residents (due to pollution); changes to the ecosystem; disruption to wildlife and increased Co2 emissions.

Hanson Aggregates has said re-opening the quarry will not create a lot of dust or generate more traffic. They have also said the impact on the environment is at 'at the forefront' of their minds.

"The design has been informed by extensive baseline survey work including field surveys on protected wildlife species such as bats, badgers, great crested newts, breeding birds, invertebrates and dormice, which has been carried out over the past three years," said a spokesperson for Hanson Aggregates.

"Importantly, we aim to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment and local community as much as we can and lots of measures to protect local people and the environment have been built into the quarry design."

To take a look at the application or to comment visit using reference number SCC/3795/2021.

You can comment on the application until June 30 2021.