A VILLAGE primary school is to remain closed all week following a number of Covid-19 cases.

Creech St Michael Primary School head teacher Jan McCarthy took the decision following talks with Public Health England and the chairman of the governors.

Children and staff in a number of classes have been told to isolate to avoid spreading the virus.

Other children are not required to isolate but are being advised to reduce their contacts where possible.

In a letter to parents, Mrs McCarthy said there would be a full school closure until next Monday (June 28).

Children in Newts, Salamanders, Sandpipers, Dormice and Water Voles classes are closed on the advice of Public Health.

Pupils who attended Smileys breakfast and after school club last week are also being told to isolate.

In the latter, Mrs McCarthy said: "The school is closed to pupils in Dragonflies, Kingfishers, Moorhens and Otters for logistical reasons.

"There will not be sufficient staff to man the school safely.

"This will mean that unless we hear of a positive case in these classes, your child is not required to isolate but it is strongly recommended that you reduce your contacts as much as possible.

"Return date for all classes is Monday 28th June unless someone who has been in school at the end of last week tests positive in the next couple of days. Hopefully, this will not be the case.

Somerset County Gazette:

Headteacher Jan McCarthy.

"Whilst I realise that this decision will be hugely disruptive and inconvenient to you, it should mean that the 'clock is reset' if everyone keeps to the rules and DOES NOT GO OUT WHEN


"If the rules are not kept, this infection will continue to circulate in our community."

Mrs McCarthy said the positive cases at the school have had "few symptoms other than feeling as if they have hay fever".