A TAUNTON mum who is desperate to move into a three bedroom house has been on the waiting list for nearly a year.

Bethany Warren is currently living in a two bedroom first floor flat with her three children: an eight-year-old boy, a ten-month-old girl and a ten-year-old boy.

One of her children needs his own room as he has additional needs.

Bethany requested a three bedroom house last August when she was pregnant with her daughter - but nearly a year later, she is still waiting.

Homefinder Somerset, which provides social housing to Somerset residents, has kept Bethany on a silver band (medium need), even though she feels she should be on a gold band (high need).

But a spokesperson for Somerset West and Taunton Council (SWT) has said there is not enough social housing to meet demand across the county.

"Unfortunately there is not currently enough social housing to meet demand across the county with over 9,300 people on the Homefinder Somerset register," they said.

"SWT is committed to providing more social housing to suit different members of the community and is already delivering on its ambition to build 1,000 new council homes across the district over the next 30 years."

As well as a child with additional needs, Bethany has concerns about harassment at the flat due to issues with an ex partner.

Somerset County Gazette: FLAT: Bethany's current home in Taunton

“As the kids are getting older the need more space,” said Bethany.

“At the moment I have two of them sleeping in with me.

“We are down for a three bed house at the moment - and have been since last August.

“I know there’s no point in trying to fight for a four bed, but we do need something bigger than this flat.

“Especially when I am trying to deal with a child with additional needs, he gets to a fight or flight stage and it is difficult to get him down the stairs and outside to calm down.

“I was told that on silver band its quite quick, I just want a three bed which I am entitled to rather than being stuck in a flat.

“I want Homefinders to actually listen and take my sons needs into consideration because I feel like they just don’t care.”

Somerset County Gazette: FLAT: Bethany's current home in Taunton

SWT said they cannot comment on individual cases, but have said Bethany is in the correct Homefinder band.

"Assessments for banding are made by the local authority based on information provided by the applicant along with relevant documentation and any supporting letters; this information is considered against policy criteria and there is a system in place for requesting a review of the banding decision," the spokesperson added.

"While SWT cannot comment on individual cases it can confirm that officers have been working closely with this client to ensure she is in the correct band for her circumstances, and to support her with finding a three bedroom property in the area."