WITH reference to a letter titled ‘Roadworks’ that appeared on May 20 regarding the current traffic jams in the town centre (Taunton), I completely agree with what that person wrote.

It does seem such a stupid idea that all of the roadworks in and around the town are going on all at the same time.

Why? Where is the common sense in that? Whoever thought blocking up the whole town was going to be a good idea?

I am a resident of the Rowbarton area of the town and the problem we seem to get where I live is that, because drivers cannot currently turn right down Clifton Terrace from St Andrew’s direction, or straight on from Cheddon Road, they end up either doing an immediate u-turn right outside the dentist, or right in the entrance of Kilkenny Avenue.

I have seen quite a few very near misses when drivers have been making such manoeuvres.

I have even had drivers in the way stopping me, and plenty of others, turning into and even out of Kilkenny Avenue while they make their foolish turn.

I even contacted the construction company a few weeks ago who are doing the works in this particular area and asked them to put a sign by the entrance to inform drivers not to do a u-turn at that entrance (or in nearby junctions) and to use the Obridge roundabout.

I was told by someone in their office that this would happen as soon as possible.

However, I did notice that a diversion sign was put up outside the One Stop shop much further down the road soon after.

How does this help the situation?

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With reference to another one of the roadworks going on, by the junction to the multi-storey car park, I found that I was unable to turn right and go into Paul Street the other day.

I then had to go right down past the old police station and come come back through Park Street so that I could get to my destination, as I would expect hundreds of other drivers have also had to do.

As with so many other drivers, I do find myself getting frustrated at being stuck in continuous traffic jams almost everywhere you go at the moment.

Hopefully, by the time all these improvements have been done, the ongoing traffic jams will eventually ease, and we won’t spend so much time stood still in our vehicles.

I’m not going to hold my breath though!