LAST Sunday, I was in town (Glastonbury) as normal to do a bit of shopping and get something to eat.

I always get my lunch from one of our amazing cafes and take it with me to the Abbey to eat it in that lovely space.

There isn’t a lot of green space like that in the middle of town, so it’s lovely to go and sit in peace.

When I got there, I discovered there was an event going on (a medieval festival).

I joined the queue to get in and when I asked the staff if I was still allowed to use the gardens, they said no.

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I am a member, paying quite a lot of money every year to use the gardens, and to help fund the Abbey as I know it costs a lot of money to look after.

So I was annoyed to find I could not use it all weekend because of an event - I would have to buy a ticket to the medieval festival (which i have no interest in) to get in at all.

Is there no way a small part of the gardens could have been opened for members to use?

It seems unreasonable for all of us, who live here and use the Abbey regularly, to be banned!

I hope the organisers think again as it seemed I was not the only person to be shocked by this. I can’t imagine many forked out for a ticket to the event after already paying for their annual membership.