A TAUNTON resident has slammed the e-scooter trial in the town.

The pensioner, who wishes to remain anonymous, was talking after spotting two e-scooter abandoned in Lyngford Park this morning (Wednesday).

They said it's a common site in other parts of the town.

They added: "I guess it's probably vandals just picking them up from the sites where they are legitimately left and dumping them somewhere else.

"They were in different areas of the park but only about 100 yards from where they should have been left.

"It does nothing to help convince people e-scooters are a good idea."

The person, who is retired, added: "I'm not an old fogey having a pop at young people enjoying themselves.

"But these e-scooters are dangerous. I had to jump out of the way in Station Road the other day to avoid being hit by a couple of lads riding one on the pavement. They thought it was hilarious.

"They're supposed to be on the road. Nobody seems to stop them when they're on the pavements though.

"I can see someone getting hurt before long."

Cllr Dixie Darch, Somerset West and Taunton Council executive member for climate change, said: “We are really encouraged by the success of the e-scooter scheme so far and would like to thank everyone who has used a scooter to date and returned them neatly to a designated parking bay.

"Zipp Mobility have appointed a local area manager and team to charge, redistribute and repair scooters.

"The e-scooters in our trial can only be used within the set geographical boundaries and have registration numbers to assist with the reporting of misuse.They are also tracked 24/7 by GPS so any out of place scooters can be detected and moved by our local team.

"We would encourage anyone with information about e-scooters not being used or returned appropriately, or with a suggestion about where they would like to see additional parking bays, to contact the team on Taunton@zippmobility.com”.

Will O’Brien, of growth and government affairs at Zipp Mobility said: “We are promoting a model of ‘mobility done right’ with sustainability and safety playing a major role, but a community-spirited attitude is the key to its success.

"A user can’t end a ride unless they are in a parking bay. If someone hires an e-scooter and leaves it anywhere else they will continue to be charged for as long as that scooter remains poorly parked.

"We would like to assure the public that if we get a report of the scooter being poorly parked or abandoned, we can take disciplinary action which could lead to a ban for misuse.”