A TAUNTON man is opening a wrestling school in the town.

James Baker will offer pro-wrestling training at Aspire Fitness and Well Being, on Silk Mills Road.

He is currently awaiting the delivery of a 16-foot showring currently being constructed.

The venture is believed to be the first time pro-wrestling training has ever been available in Taunton.

James, who has wrestled in Taunton and in other towns around the country, is holding an open day at the venue on Saturday, July 31 from 1pm to 4pm.

He said: "The aim of the day is for people who might be interested to step into the ring, run the ropes and get a feel for it.

"Although the training will initially only be available to people aged 16 years and over, parents are welcome to bring any wrestling-mad small children to the open day and have a bit of fun.

"I think everybody deserves some fun after the previous 18 months we’ve all had.

"Assuming all goes well, I will eventually look to run a few small local wrestling shows so that the new wrestlers can gain experience."