DURING yesterday's colourful Taunton Pride event, your County Gazette wanted to find out what it meant to the people there.

The gathering celebrating inclusivity was held across several locations, including Goodlands Gardens, so we decided to catch visitors on the recently installed rainbow path for a quick chat.

Watch our video to find out what everyone had to say.

A familiar face to the county, Dionne John, otherwise known as Mrs Somerset Galaxy, said: "Pride means a lot to me because there are still 70 countries where its still illegal to be gay, lots of people still getting killed because they are gay.

Sparkling in her rainbow outfit, she added:"I think it's so important to come together to celebrate diversity and all be together as one."

Spotted with her entourage, on a break from hosting the Mambo Stage, was Arina Fox.

The drag queen said: "Taunton Pride, what it means to me is that you can be free, you can express yourself and not be afraid of who you are."

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This being Taunton's first Pride event made it especially poignant for Arina, who added: "Love is love and just being able to see people being able to hold hands and express themselves in any way shape or form is amazing and that's why I love Pride."