THE County Gazette continues to report the issues that concern residents about the various road closures in Taunton, including the proposal to pedestrianise East Street and other town centre roads on a longer-term basis.

Recent extreme weather events in all parts of the world highlight the urgent need to do more than make promises about the climate emergency on all levels.

The elephant in the room in all these reports is that we urgently need to deal with the effects of global heating as evidenced by extreme weather events around the world. 

Even with the move to electric cars, we need to reduce substantially our society’s dependence on the car both in large conurbations and throughout the country. 

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We need a reliable, affordable (preferably free as suggested by the recent cross-party Environmental Justice Commission) public transport service, better cycle and pedestrian routes - albeit with provision for those who need to rely on the car e.g. because of disability, geography or work.

Our local councils have declared a climate emergency and need to address these issues as a top priority.

But everyone needs to question whether the undoubted convenience of individual fossil-fuel driven transport is worth the environmental damage each journey causes.

Norton Fitzwarren