A WOMAN was freed form a vehicle on its roof after a crash which closed a busy Somerset route.

The incident happened on the B3151 just outside Street at just after 5.30pm.

Fire crews from Glastonbury and Street attended the crash, where a woman was trapped in the vehicle.

"Crews arrived on scene along with the police and ambulance services," a spokesperson for the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service said.

"One car was on its roof in a hedge with a female casualty inside."

Firefighters stabilised the vehicle and used a platform to get to the injure dwoman and free her from the vehicle.

"Paramedics made an assessment of the casualty, and fire crews assisted the female from the vehicle and into the ambulance," the spokesperson added.

"Crews also made the vehicle safe and used a tirfor winch to right the vehicle."

The road was cleared at around 6.45pm.