TODAY (July 31), Make Votes Matter (MVM) will be campaigning for electoral reform on Taunton High Street from 11am to 2pm.

This event is part of a Summer Day of Action for PR (proportional representation) across the UK.

Our parliament, elected under First Past the Post within individual seat boundaries, does not reflect how people actually voted. 

Once again, we have a government that most people didn’t vote for. This time, the Conservatives have a majority of seats and total power in Westminster on less than 44% of the votes. 

In 2005, Labour governed on only 35%! 

Millions of people have also voted for parties that may only get 1 MP out of 650.

Electoral reform would make our system fairer. Turnout will increase in areas with one party dominance where many see no point in voting, regional distortions will be largely removed (eg nearly all MPs SNP in Scotland). 

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It will allow more choice and there is no need to tactically vote. These are just some of the advantages. 

MVM is a cross party organisation. I am a Liberal Democrat councillor but I also actively supported electoral reform while in the Labour Party. 

Any new system would only increase cooperation between the parties so the best ideas are turned into legislation.

Millions of us are denied a voice in politics, millions more are forced to vote tactically. 

We need to change to a system of proportional representation so votes count equally, and governments represent the diversity of people and views in our communities and society. 

Manor and Tangier Ward
Somerset West and Taunton Council