I WRITE to suggest a newsworthy item for the Gazette regarding Taunton and it’s apparent lack of civic pride in the poor state of the bridge’s paintwork!

Some two years ago I wrote to the council regarding the faded and rusting paintwork on the bridge over the river Tone. 

I was referred to the county council as unbelievably the painting of the town’s heraldic devices that decorate the bridge is a matter for the county! 

The appropriate councillor’s reply was to the effect that it was a matter that could well be resolved at sometime in the future? 

What, I wonder, has happened in the meantime, as Taunton seeks to re-assert itself as Somerset’s County Town, post-reorganisation and post-Covid? 

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If nothing - could I suggest that business be invited to sponsor the repainting.

When I lived in Taunton, from the late 40s to the late 60s, the Aldermen would never have allowed such an obvious part of Taunton’s history to degrade! 

One must hope the gates of Vivary Park are not in the same state. 

Come on Taunton’s civic leaders, get a grip or, failing that, isn’t there a local business prepared to lead a sponsorship fund!?

A former resident (and frequent visitor)