I WRITE in response to Angry Driver’s letter in last week’s Gazette (‘Merge please!’, Postbag, August 12).

The writer is, of course, absolutely correct; merge in turn measures are in place to encourage a constant movement of traffic, rather than cars sitting in a single queue.

It seems the response to the letter online has been that people using the right-hand lane are ‘jibbing’ traffic.

That is not the case. The right-hand lane is there to spread the volume of cars.

People perhaps don’t understand that if the traffic is spread over both lanes, and people merge in turn, it means everyone gets through more quickly.

As a former driving instructor in a big city before moving to Somerset, it is concerning just how many people seem not to understand this relatively simple premise.

Use both lanes, let people merge, and get through the congestion quicker. It’s that simple.

South Somerset