JURGEN Klopp may have never been to Somerset, but it would be a good holiday destination for the sensible football manager.

That is the opinion of Taunton-born comedian Laura Lexx, who last year wrote and released a book called ‘Klopp Actually: (Imaginary) Life with Football’s Most Sensible Heartthrob’, in which she describes situations that would happen in her imaginary marriage to the pragmatic coach.

The book idea started when a Twitter thread that Laura posted went viral.

“It all came to from this Twitter thread I started after I saw Klopp say, ‘don’t ask me, I am not an expert’ when asked about his opinions on COVID protocols,” Lexx said.

“I thought, this man is incredible, handsome and practical.”

Laura was in a hotel in between gigs and said she used these imaginary situations to keep herself laughing.

Somerset County Gazette: Laura Lexx laughing

“Initially I was tweeting my imaginary scenarios as a way to keep myself entertained, I then realised it was keeping a lot of others laughing through a very difficult time in that first lockdown.”

“I think it gave people a distraction from the COVID situation they may have been in,” said Lexx.

Very quickly after having a few Tweets about Jurgen Klopp go viral Laura was sat in meetings discussing book deals.

The book appeals to a mixed set of communities, football fans – Liverpool fans – also fans of comedy writing and anyone who has gone through mundane married life tasks.

Laura Lexx was born in Taunton and grew up in the area, attending Bishop Fox’s School, so as a local and the resident expert on Jurgen Klopp’s imaginary thoughts and actions we asked Laura Lexx what Jurgen would do on a family trip to Somerset.

“Jurgen would think Somerset is an ideal and logical place to go on holiday from Liverpool, it is just one or two motorways making it an easy drive he would say.”

“Definitely would stop at Gloucester Services because its eco-friendly and that fits Klopp’s persona.”

“However, I don’t think Butlins in Minehead would fit into his ideals, too much hustle and bustle, instead maybe he would prefer Dunster, same sort of location but not as much going on.”

“One thing I can say for certainty, but only as his imaginary wife, he would love a Sheppy’s Cider.”

Something Laura wants to remind everyone is that in the world of her book, Jurgen Klopp’s character is the best version of yourself, in a way he’s the part of yourself you want to be.

Somerset County Gazette: A LIFE LESS REAL: In Klopp Actually

For a first effort at writing about sport, Laura Lexx did well enough to have ‘Klopp Actually’ amongst the nominees for the CLOC Football Book of the Year award earlier this year and Laura was very pleased.

“As far as I know, Klopp Actually has been very successful, for me the reaction of the audience has been the best measure of success, however it did get nominated for an award and that was pleasing as well.”

Lexx has another book in the works currently, called ‘Pivot’, the book focusses on the life of a women’s netball team.

“I wanted to write about a group of women who used netball as a way to catch up and hang out.”

“The book isn’t exactly about the sport of netball, rather the social opportunities sport can give you, meeting friends and having fun as a group of women,” Lexx said.

The book is scheduled to come out in 2022 at all good bookstores.