MONEY for old rope, as the old saying goes.

But in the case of one Somerset charoty, money for new rope gave them a fundraising boost last month.

On August 8, as part of National Cat Day, Manchester-based rope retailer, Buy Rope, decided to give their profits on that day to an animal welfare charity.

And that charity was the St Giles Animal Centre, near Taunton, who were happy to receive £122 from the firm. 

The charity gained the most 'likes' on Facebook when Buy Rope asked customers to vote for the charity they would like to see receive the money.

"At St Giles Animal Rescue, our policy ensures that every animal’s welfare needs, whatever the cost, are met until they are ready to find their ‘forever home’," said Karen Cave, marketing and fundraising coordinator at St Giles.

"Many of the animals arrive at the centre having suffered from neglect, abandonment, and abuse. They come to St Giles Animal Rescue with a long road to recovery ahead of them, and we provide the love, medical care, and behavioural training they need to prepare them for their new life.

"We are a small charity doing a massive job, supported mainly by volunteers, all with the same objective; to give every pet rescue the ‘happily ever after’ each one so deserves.

"The generosity of organisations like Buy Rope and our public supporters are critical to St Giles Animal Rescue; your contributions are, quite frankly, lifesaving."