RESIDENTS of Trull and Blagdon Hill have noticed a recent huge increase in the amount of HGVs rushing through their villages, some carrying spoil and some empty.

A useful noise obstructing bund is currently being built at a farm near the M5 with planning permission.

The transport statement, which accompanied the planning application, clearly states there will be an average maximum number of seven deliveries a day, meaning 14 lorry movements per day using the village roads.

This daily number has been exceeded three and fourfold and more over recent weeks - 45 journeys were logged in a three-hour period - causing houses literally to shake, traffic to take avoiding action and danger to pedestrians - especially in places where there are no footpaths.

It is disappointing to say the least that Somerset County Council (whom we have approached as SWT ward councillors for the area) have been unable or unwilling to take enforcement action - staff being on holiday but with no holiday cover being one response, and another being that we need to collect the ‘evidence’ for them.

It is also unacceptable that the local county councillor has recently reported back that county highways consider that the classified village roads do have the capacity for this increase in HGVs and that any enforcement action could possibly result in the permission being extended to allow greater daily numbers of HGVs to visit the site!

We believe that the spoil is currently being brought up from Exeter - a shocking amount of road miles and associated pollution being created in order to bring it here.

The reluctance, or possibly inability, of SCC to take any action over this activity is particularly frightening for our residents.

They are facing the construction of 2,000 houses in the Comeytrowe Urban Extension (or Orchard Grove as we are now to call it) over the next few years, with all the associated delivery of materials, plant and equipment and HGV movements that will entail.

We are pressing for limitations and restrictions on vehicle movements through our peaceful villages engendered by this development too but what confidence can we and our residents have that any such restrictions and limitations will actually be policed and enforced by SCC as highway authority on the basis of their current attitude, delay and inaction?

SWT councillors for Trull Pitminster and Corfe