There have been a few occasions over the last 12 months where I’ve happily thought, ‘we’re starting to get back to normal’, writes Amanda Gunter, partner at AC Mole.

However, after previous attempts of lifting lockdowns I still have a feeling of uncertainty over the future – but currently with a good dose of optimism.

We are seeing many of the individuals and businesses we work with start planning for the future rather than simply coping with the here and now, which is an encouraging sign, but with the technical changes we’ve seen over the last 12 months, there will be a lot to plan for over the next few months and years.

Government grants and assistance schemes are coming to an end, tax allowances and thresholds will be frozen for five years, a new temporary super-deduction was introduced for companies, Corporation tax will be increasing from 19% to 25%, HMRC will be pushing on with their implementation of Making Tax Digital for income tax purposes and the day before writing this article a 1.25% increase in National Insurance and tax on dividends was announced.

The 1.25% increase will be ring fenced to help pay for the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the NHS and help fund health and social care. The increase will take effect from April 1 2022 and will be a temporary 1.25% increase in employee, employer and self-employed National Insurance for the first year.

From April 2023 the increase will be separately identified as a Health and Social Care levy rather than being included as part of the National Insurance charge.

Alongside the levy, which will be payable by employees, employers and the self-employed, the government also announced a 1.25% increase in dividend tax rates from April 1 2022.

Along with the technical changes, businesses and individuals, including our own firm, are starting to implement their longer term working patterns. For AC Mole, we will, hopefully, be re-opening our office in mid-September with staff back on site but like many others we will still have some flexibility of home working.

With so many changes, planning ahead for the medium and long term will be important for both individuals and businesses of all sizes. Your accountant will be an important part of that planning and having a conversation with them sooner rather than later can help you to plan in the most efficient fashion.

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