IT’S that wonderful time of year again, when arachnophobes everywhere consider selling their house to the highest bidder at the mere sight of more than six legs scurrying across the ceiling.

Yes, it’s spider season!

Spiders like to cosy on up inside our homes to meet other spiders and make more spiders. To many of us (me included!) it’s like the inner circle of hell when they arrive.

Even here in the UK, where no spider can kill us, we still cower in fear at the sight of them. Which is why, as a deterrent to killing them, I thought it might be useful to mention the essential role spiders have within our fragile ecosystem.

Spiders eat flies, fleas, mosquitos and other pests. Flies spread germs and pests will destroy that nice edible plant we have growing in the garden.

Spiders therefore help prevent the spread of disease and hinder the number of pests invading our homes and gardens.

But not just at home, they are helpful to farmers in keeping crops pest free. Indeed, spiders have been shown to reduce Insect numbers in Israel’s apple orchards and in the rice fields of China (Encyclopedia Britannica); a much welcome alternative to environment-harming pesticides.

Pesticide use is one of the major reasons our precious bee and hedgehog populations are declining, so why not make use of our natural pest control experts and let the spiders use our homes to breed?

Besides, we can always book an Airbnb until they’re done!

Taunton Green Parents