SCOOTERS and the law...

Illegal to ride them on pavements.

Q: are they allowed to ride them on footpaths in parks like Vivary Park? Or on the pedestrianised High Street?

Q: Are adults allowed to hire them and allow their children to ride them under supervision in parks? On the pedestrianised High Street there are by-law signs saying no cycling.

Q: Why are these there when mobility scooters and scooters use the same route? The article by Cllr Darch suggests taking photographs of riders breaking the rules.

Q: How does that fit with the unacceptable nature of taking photos of minors without parents’ permission? I don’t want to ban them. I want them on the road not pavements and public park paths unless cycles are equally welcome. I note that the police are to start enforcing no cycling on pavements.

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Before they do this, could the council please assess where there are wide pavements with little pedestrian traffic which could be shared to allow cyclists to use safe routes around the town?

I am thinking of the pavements on both sides of the road between the county council and the old police station. This a safe cycling route from Trull and Wilton into town via the pelican crossing and The Crescent.

Also, from Lidl past St John’s then safely on the empty wide pavement up the one-way system to the safe pelican crossing. I am sure there are many other examples.