I WANT to thank Clare Steel for her questions and suggestions relating to e scooters in last week’s edition of the County Gazette (‘Scooter laws’, Postbag, September 9).

I hope the following will help…

Zipp E scooters can only be used in permitted areas, with both restricted and slow zones. Vivary Park has been designated as a slow zone because signage at the entrances by the golf club car park and the cricket club show shared access (vehicles and pedestrians) to the park. The slow zone is currently 9mph.

The High Street is a no-go area, but the geo-fencing is accurate to approx. 5m-10m and is updated every 10 seconds, which means there is a slight delay in the scooters slowing down and stopping.

It is a breach of contract to allow anyone under 16 to use a Zipp e scooter as all riders must be in possession of a provisional or full licence, so no child should be using an e scooter in a park or anywhere else.

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In reporting misuse, details of exact time and location will help Zipp to identify the registered user. However, there was no mention of photography in my article.

I’m pleased Clare is supportive of e scooters in general and I fully agree that we want them “on the road not pavements and public paths unless cycles are equally welcome”.

It’s good news that the police are clamping down on e scooters used on pavements designed for pedestrian use only.

The police have the powers both to issue a fine for misuse and to put points on an existing licence, or one that has yet to be issued. This will hopefully act as a deterrent.

There is much work to be done on safe cycling and pedestrian routes around Taunton and we are working with both TACC and Somerset County Council to make this happen.

In doing so we need to factor in the increased use of e scooters, e bikes and mobility scooters to maximise safety for all.

Thanks, Clare, for your specific suggestions about areas where wide pavements might offer opportunities for accommodating cyclists without putting pedestrians at risk. It’s really useful to have constructive feedback and I welcome it.

Executive Member for Climate Change, SW&T