ROAD safety clearly should be paramount in council thinking which, hopefully, will resolve many problems with the new unitary authority.

My fellow district councillors referred to large HGV’s travelling through their villages in breach of agreed numbers.

Current building developments in Bishops Lydeard exceed the daily figure of seven, even with the shortage of materials confusing the equation, but to their credit the roads are swept daily to clear away the mud.

While I sympathise with Philip Bisatt’s letter regarding cycling in Taunton, I would emphasise that Cllr Mike Rigby has been working tirelessly to get the cycleway between Bishops Lydeard and Taunton via Coford St Luke and Norton Fitzwarren in place.

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If neither council owns the land, negotiations have to take place between landowners and the respective councils. Certainly, when these cycleways are completed we should be much safer. 

I wonder how many people remember the TV adverts saying, ‘wear something light at night’?

This is as necessary today as it was then, so why can’t all cyclists wear a high-viz jacket, or at least light clothing instead of dark hoodies and cycles, with no lights at night either front or rear? See and be seen in other words.

Please have lights fitted to your bike and use high-viz clothing

CLLR JOHN HASSALL, Cotford St Lukle & Oake
Bishops Lydeard