A NURSE who gave up her lecturing job to care for critically ill patients at Musgrove during the pandemic was left in tears after her bike was stolen from the hospital grounds.

Yasmin Austin has just come off a busy more than 12-hour night shift looking after a critically unwell patient when she discovered her mode of transport home had been taken.

The intensive care nurse, who recently got married, cannot afford to replace the bike.

"I returned to Musgrove full time from my role as a lecturer in adult nursing at UWE at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic as I knew the need was greater 'on the floor' in the hospital," said Yasmin.

"I sold our car and invested in a more expensive bicycle so I could commute to work from our home in Taunton.

"I was working a night shift on Monday, and locked up my bike just past 7pm with a lot of other staff bikes outside the Beacon Centre.

"I have always parked it there, and never had any issues.

"After a busy 12.5 hour shift looking after a critically unwell patient, I came outside to find my bike had gone.

"I was absolutely devastated and had to phone my husband in tears to ask him to take me home."

Yasmin says CCTV images show a person walking up to the bike racks and shortly afterwards cycling off on her bike.

She has reported the theft to police.

Yasmin added: "Having only been purchased recently, the bike is in pristine condition, and will likely still have my bike lights attached to it.

"I was very fortunate to have recently got married, but unfortunately this means we aren’t in a financial position to replace the bike at this time, as this will cost in excess of one month’s wages.

"The kindness I have been shown on social media has been unbelievable - two donation pages have been set up by friends/colleagues, and I have had many offers of bicycles - even by people I have never met before."