WELL done Mr Finnis (‘Town shame’, Postbag, September 9), someone who thinks as I do and have done for many years now (over 80).

The verges and roundabouts are a disgrace. Even when cut, everything is left lying around, to be blown all over.

Vivary Park and French Weir are good, but don’t go ‘out the back’ - what a mess, and I am sure not necessary. Ask for volunteers to help out if funds are so bad. Oh forgot, ‘elf and safety’.

As for new structures, oh dear, the old swimming pool is a miserable looking place now, and further back all that black and grey woodwork. How much uglier can it get?

The ‘skyscraper’ at the top of Paul Street is a terrible looking structure. Nothing attractive about it at all. The balconies look pretty useless to me.

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Wait until the old Poundstretchers is cleared and see how awful the design will be for anything new.

All these flats and houses, where are all these people going to work, or is the town to be over-50s only tottering around?

Planners and architects seem to have lost the plot. We are a County Town - oh, and please don’t let anyone loose on Debenhams front, the one attractive building in North Street.

Whoever had the idea to destroy the ‘parade’ back in the 50s started the rot, and then of course we have the Viridor building smack in your face on the edge of the ground on to the road. 

I’m sure a more suitable site could have been found. Living close to it, it makes me cringe each time we pass it.

Come on council, planners, architects, a garden town we’ll never be if you carry on like this.