A FUN-filled dinosaur experience is coming to Taunton next month.

Children and adults will be able to learn all about these fascinating creatures at the Dinomania show on Sunday, November 28.

The event at Taunton Vale Sports Club follows an appearance at the same venue earlier this month.

The rangers will be on hand to talk to you all about the dinosaurs.

You'll be able to check out a mini museum with real fossils, replica and loads of fun facts.

The exhibit includes items from all your favourites, including T Rex, Spinosaurus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus and other dinosaurs.

There are even some marine reptiles and prehistoric creatures.

You can meet and greet the baby dinosaurs held by the rangers.

With lots of babies, you'll be introduced to Triceratops, baby raptors, Brachiosaurus and even a cheeky Pteranodon.

There will be a dinosaur workshop to take part in.

And the show also features large walking dinosaurs such as T Rex, Utah raptor and the huge Allosaurus Little AL.

Recommended ages are three to 14. But be warned - the large dinosaurs are very big and realistic, so there is a mild scare factor you should keep in mind when booking.

There are two show times on the day.

For further information and to book click HERE.