There was a flying trade at the second Dancing Hill Pedigree Fleckvieh Production Sale on Monday, October 4 for Tom and Em Voizey.

Top price of the day went to DH Bella 8, a freshly calved heifer coming from a powerful family, at £2,152.

Several more broke the £2,000 mark, with DH Lolla 7, known for high solids, selling to £2,121, DH Ritha 5, a classy heifer roaring to £2,100 and DH Leila 5, known for filling the churns, at £2,047.

The run of 40 in calf heifers were exceptionally well received.

DH Rena 7, calving in October to Limousin, raced away for £2,089.

In hot pursuit was DH Senta 4, a beautiful Dream Daughter, which again an October calver to Limousin, rung the bell at £2,079.

Eleven more heifers cruised past the £1,500 barrier.

The 16 month old heifers which have just seen the bull or been served proved very popular - DH Zoli 15 excelled at £1,207 and DH Sanela 12, whose family is known for consistently high milk yields, flew to £1165.

Auctioneer Charlie Coleman, who worked alongside Frome Livestock Auctioneers, said: "A superb consignment yet again from the Voizey family, with Monday’s outstanding sale results proving how popular the Fleckvieh breed is.

"With a following around the ring and online through Mart Eye, the heifers have been sold across the country seeing them travel from Cornwall up to Derbyshire.

"It was a pleasure to sell such a superb sample of the finest herd of Fleckviehs."