THE reduction of the ‘outbound’ Toneway dual carriageway in Taunton to a single lane is causing a lot of anger and frustration.

The problem is between those drivers who, correctly, believe it is right to use both lanes until required to ‘merge in turn’ so traffic doesn’t queue back onto the roundabout, and those drivers who wrongly believe cars should form a long queue only in the left-side lane, and consider any traffic in the right-side lane to be ‘queue jumping’.

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This leads to some drivers blocking the right-side lane by pulling halfway into it, which is a prosecutable offence under the Highways Act 1980 Part IX, 137(1)), and the cause of numerous incidents of minor road rage.

Signs have now been put up clearly indicating that traffic should queue in both lanes, so hopefully that’s the end of it (but I doubt it!)

Kingston St Mary