A VOLUNTEER at the Taunton Foodbank has donated a staggering £1163.92 to stock the shelves with food.

John Carpenter and his wife Carol raised the funds through sponsorship donations from their Bristol and Taunton 10K runs.

As well as raising the money, both John and Carol visited the Tesco Superstore on Castle Street, Taunton, to purchase 624 kilograms worth of food for the foodbank.

The quantity of food was so great that it took three separate trips to Tesco to complete.

Somerset County Gazette: One van load of food ready for deliveryOne van load of food ready for delivery

To sum up how amazing this is, the amount of food they have bought in will feed a single person for 44 weeks or a family for 21 weeks.

"I did this because I truly believe in what the Taunton Foodbank stand for and what they do," John said.

"I wanted to raise money for them to add more food and supplies to the foodbank and I am glad we have managed to get so much."

Tesco, where John shopped, also donated Christmas chocolates and the use of their Clubcard enabled him to spend another £248.87.

Sue Weightman, the Taunton Foodbank manager said John and Carol epitomise what a volunteer means.

"We are so grateful to John and Carol for this amazing contribution."

"They truly epitomise what it means to be a volunteer as they have gone above and beyond expectations, it really is amazing," Sue said.

If you want to support the Taunton Foodbank, they publish a shopping list on their website and social media for those that want to donate any tinned food whilst they are out shopping.