IT seems that Councillor Prior-Sankey and her sidekick Steve Deakin, of the infamous Somerset Highways, have no respect for democracy. 

They are forcing a permit parking scheme on residents in the Richard Huish area of Taunton, despite not have a democratic mandate to do so. 

SCC’s own website states that 60% of residents must request a permit parking scheme, yet we have never been asked if we want one. 

A mock consultation asked if there was a parking problem (to which 59% said there was, but Mr Deakin raised that to 60% by excluding some voters), but they have never asked if we actually want permit parking. 

A two-hour maximum wait would have solved the parking issue, but of course that does not make money for the council. 

A student car park on the unused land beside the Kings development would have solved the cause of the problem too, and made money for the council, but does not fit with the apparent Conservative SCC agenda of maximum taxation and minimum service. 

I have been forced to write this letter as Mr Deakin has consistently failed to reply to emails or phone calls, despite supposedly being obliged to do so as a council employee.