WE are now to be consulted on a town council for Taunton.

But we already have one in embryo with its Charter Trustees, the councillors for the un-parished areas of Taunton with their 34,00 residents.

Is the current council looking to retract its boundaries to the old Taunton Borough Council, a solution dating back over a century ago?

The Minister has clearly ruled in favour of a single council for Somerset with service delivery through Local Community Networks; a more modern and focussed way of doing things and potentially more responsive and democratic.

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Should not our councillors be giving a lead in working out these LCNs (estimated that 25,000 people is a viable size depending on geography) and how best to make them happen?

Given the range of services we now expect to get, it is quite clear there just is not the money for some other body to do it all. We all need to do something ourselves.
This is a problem across the world and the idea of some degree of voluntary involvement is necessary.

With all this looking back to the past we are missing out on what is actually happening.

There are a lot of good people with good ideas in Taunton. Does the council listen? No wonder people find Taunton 20 years behind the times!

Kingston St Mary