HOW pleased I was to hear that Sainsbury's has banned fireworks.

Now we want other supermarkets to do the same.

We have dogs and cats, they hate them, especially the dogs. They tremble and shake with fear.

How can people be so selfish? It seems there's any excuse for fireworks, i.e. weddings, birthdays etc. They never consider anyone else.

If you can't live without them, go to an organised event, like they have in Australia - the public aren't allowed to buy them over there.

It is appalling to think that we are meant to be animal lovers but don't give a stuff about them when fireworks are around.

It is Saturday, October 23, 11pm, and we have just heard some fireworks.

It takes me hours to try and calm our dogs, they are in such a state.

For all animals, not just dogs and cats, please be more understanding and DON'T have fireworks.