A SPECIAL Constable with Avon and Somerset Police has been accused of breaching Covid rules while under the influence of drink and drugs.

The officer, who has not been named, faces a misconduct hearing today (Wednesday, November 17).

It is alleged that while off duty on February 23 this year, the special constable:

  • Was verbally abusive to housemates;
  • Breached the national Covid restrictions that were in force by having another person in his room;
  • Was heavily under the influence of alcohol and drugs;
  • Sent abusive text messages to housemates;
  • Would not leave and became aggressive;
  • Was arrested and conveyed to a police custody centre and detained;
  • During a subsequent interview under caution admitted to using violence to secure entry, breaching the Covid restrictions and being under the influence of alcohol;
  • Was given a conditional caution for the offence of using violence to secure entry.

It is also claimed the special constable in a second incident:

  • Recorded himself on video whilst in uniform and drunk. Stated he was going to put traffic fines on cars and/or use his bank details;
  • Referred to a woman as “b****”;
  • Put a Fixed Penalty Notice on a car for a non-policing purpose.

If proven, the allegations would amount to gross misconduct.