A PARENT has slammed a group of anti-vaxxers lining the pavement on the way to two schools and a sixth form college in Taunton this morning (Wednesday, November 17).

The ten people have been holding up signs protesting against the Covid-19 vaccine programme in South Road.

They have positioned themselves beside the road on the approach to King's College, Richard Huish College and Bishops Fox’s Community School.

Lucy Atherton said: “These people are idiots.

"Literally no one is honking in support.

"They are blocking the pavements where children walk to school on their own, which must be quite intimidating and confusing for them.

“Anti-vaxxers are irresponsible and deluded.

"It’s up to parents to make this decision and not some ill-informed stranger with a banner.

"We have seen a drop in Covid cases in the Taunton area and that is largely due to young people now being vaccinated.

"It makes my blood boil.”