THE house captains at St John’s Church of England Primary School in Wellington received a visit from the town Mayor last week.

Cllr Mark Lithgow dropped by along with Wellington Town Council clerk Dave Farrow to meet the children.

The pupils were presented with book tokens for whole school to use as the council aims to raise awareness about the importance of reading and being passionate about story telling.

St John's headteacher Olly Priestley said: "On behalf of the school, I would like to thank the town council for their thoughtful gift to the school.

"Reading has been one of the key areas the school has been developing and we are delighted with the enthusiasm and enjoyment that the children are showing for this area of learning.

"The vouchers will enable the school to strengthen resources further, allowing the children to enjoy texts and develop the skills further.

"The school motto is to share joy and hope in the community. The town council have certainly supported our vision with this wonderful gesture."