AN Avon and Somerset Police officer abused his position to enter into an emotional and/or sexual relationship with a special constable he was tasked with supporting, a misconduct hearing will be told.

PC David Buckley was tasked with obtaining the required evidence to demonstrate the special's competence, the hearing on Monday (December 6) will be told.

He is also alleged to have subjected her to "controlling, coercive and threatening behaviour" after she joined the force in 2014.

PC Buckley is further accused of breaching the standards of professional behaviour after he attended a road traffic incident in December 2017.

He took the details of those involved and visited Ms A's home the following day to take a statement.

They subsequently entered into a relationship for around a year "during which he caused, permitted or encouraged her to seek emotional support from him and to engage in sexual activity with him".

When becoming aware that Mr A knew of their relationship, PC Buckley told Ms A to delete all text messages she had received and to deny their relationship if asked.

In another allegation, it is claimed PC Buckley made a highly inappropriate racist remark to a fellow officer.

PC McCorry, who was dealing with a drunken woman along with PC Bowyer-Thornton, was subjected to a racist remark by the woman.

The hearing will be told that PC Bowyer-Thornton reported the incident to PC Buckley, who approached PC McCorry and asked him a question that has been deemed racist.

If proven, the allegations against PC Buckley would amount to gross misconduct.