A TEENAGER has expressed his concerns about an “unsafe” skate park in Bridgwater despite three weeks of work repairs being carried out.

Ben Boobyer, 17, said the skate ramp at Victoria Skate Park is “unsafe” and also added they are “an accident waiting to happen”.

A fence was put in place while repairs works were carried out to fix bumps and lay concrete, but Ben said the park is “just as unsafe”.

He said the repairs have created bumps that make it hard for skaters to use the park and could cause falls.

Somerset County Gazette:

Vicotria Skate Park in Bridgwater

Ben said: “They did a terrible job. They laid the concrete but it’s all bumpy and unsafe. They took the fence out and now it’s open to the public.

“It’s unsafe and I wonder how much that cost the taxpayers. It’s an accident waiting to happen.
“The reason for the closure was the holes but they made it just as unsafe with the repairs.
“All the fences have been taken down, indicating that the work is finished there.
“It’s just a health hazard and it looks terrible. It’s like they don’t care about the young people.
“I have had meetings with the council to express what we want for the community. We are also trying to get lights here.”

Somerset County Gazette:

Ben said concrete could cause bumps

Somerset County Gazette:
According to Ben, the ramp is "an accident waiting to happen".

Somerset County Gazette:
A view of the skate ramp

Victoria Skate Park is run by Sedgemoor District Council.

A spokesperson for the council said: “It's an exceptionally difficult job carrying out repairs to a concrete skate ramp on joints which are at differing angles and those of which gets pounded by wheels.

“We have used a flexible compound which hopefully will prevent further cracking of the surface. An independent safety inspection is being carried out next week by a playground inspector.”