A MAN from Weston-super-Mare landed his dream role in the six-part Flux series of Doctor Who. 

Jonny Mathers appeared as Passenger in the 13th series of the BBC science-fiction show, which first aired in 1963, after a friend alerted him to an advert on Facebook by Creative Casting, who were looking for someone over 6ft 10in for a TV show. 

Jonny, who is 7ft 2in tall, previously tried to become Chewbacca in the 2013 Star Wars film The Force Awakens. 

Series 13 of Doctor Who aired between October 31 and December 5.

Viewers watched the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) and her companions as they navigated a universe-ending anomaly called the Flux, while dealing with enemies and secrets from the Doctor's past.

Jonny's character Passenger was the sidekick of an evil sibling duo Swarm and Azure, who were intent on destroying time. 

Before landing the role, he was asked to send some pictures and videos of himself which were delivered to the casting director ahead of the role selection process.

Once he was chosen, Jonny was told he would be needed for a week, but his role developed over the next few months as he became a named character.

He took on the role of Passenger, an imposing figure who remains silent, when filming began in Cardiff the week before Christmas 2020. 

Somerset County Gazette: PASSENGER: Jonny Mathers played an imposing but silent figure in Doctor Who FluxPASSENGER: Jonny Mathers played an imposing but silent figure in Doctor Who Flux

Jonny, who has been a fan of Doctor Who since watching Tom Baker play the lead role in his childhood, said: "It was a fantastic opportunity that I couldn’t refuse.

"It was a walk-on part, but once I sent in my audition video, they wrote me into the script as a named part.

"It was a strange phone call to take. Sophie, from Creative Casting, said, ‘just say yes, this doesn’t happen often’.

"She didn’t tell me the show, so I just said yes and she replied, ‘you are going to be Passenger in Doctor Who’. My next question was, 'what’s a passenger?'

'The first few days on set were mind-blowing. I met the cast and sat with them between takes. I had my own trailer and dresser. They are an amazing cast and made me feel really welcome.

"There were lots of laughs and discussion between takes. The crew are fantastic, and I got to learn a lot about the effects, props and sets."

Speaking about the people he worked with, he said: "Working alongside Jodie Whittaker and John Bishop has been such an amazing experience.

"John is such a great character and one of the funniest people I have ever met.

"But they all made me feel very at home on set."

Somerset County Gazette: LIVEWEST: Jonny was grateful the housing association he works for allowed him to take on the role of PassengerLIVEWEST: Jonny was grateful the housing association he works for allowed him to take on the role of Passenger

He added: "It’s strange watching it all back on the television and completely different from on set.

"Using special effects, it is all brought to life.

"It was an incredible experience and who knows if I will be able to do something like this again.”

Jonny works for LiveWest, a housing association, and he thanked the company for allowing him to take on the acting role. 

He said: "When I approached my manager about the subject, apart from it seeming a little unbelievable, she was really supportive to help me organise my leave and flew some time to allow me to take this opportunity.

"I’ve been trying for years and finally I’ve done it. Even if it goes nowhere else, I’ve been on Doctor Who, and I was only able to do that as LiveWest facilitated it.

"It’s great to work for an organisation who are flexible and allow its people to pursue their ambitions. I am so thankful."