A WRITER with a “deep, lasting attachment to Somerset”, and whose works have been praised across the country, will have her book stocked in Glastonbury.

Emily Scialom, who grew up in Glastonbury, wrote The R.O.S.E., ‘The Religion of Self-Enlightenment, which has been branded “a classic of near-death experience literature” by Glastonbury magazine The Oracle.

The book, which back in 2008 was her debut novel, will now also be stocked in two stores of the town, the Courtyard Books and The Speaking Tree.

'The R.O.S.E.' tells the story of Carrick Ares, who grows up an unassuming individual until he has a near-death experience in a car accident aged 29.

Scialom said: “I spent my childhood years in Glastonbury. I have a deep and lasting attachment to the West Country and go back whenever I can.

“I am ecstatic that The Religion Of Self-Enlightenment will be available in the bookshops of the town I called home for so many years.

“The R.O.S.E. is steeped in the wisdom of Glastonbury and the history interwoven with its landscapes: the religious turmoil we have faced as a species and the need for harmony which has sprung from that are ever-present features of the novel itself.

“I feel this book could really resonate with the questing, thoughtful, warm-hearted people of Glastonbury and look forward to connecting with those who wish to explore topics such as faith, unity, and enlightenment.

“A big thank you goes to all at the Courtyard and Speaking Tree bookshops, especially Gareth and Ben. I appreciate their enthusiastic support and encouragement.”

Scialom’s second novel, The Rivers, will soon feature in The London Book Fair and The L.A. Times Festival Of Books, which both take place in April 2022.

The Rivers tells the story of John Cross and Elizabeth Dalston, who experience the wildest depths of romantic love in 21st century England.

Aside from these novels, she has self-published two poetic offerings, Eternal Artist (2019) and My Searches For Meaning (2020).

She is currently submitting a new novel, A Moment Of Perfection, to literary agencies in London.

The book is available on Amazon and through Waterstones online.