AS the world of rugby begins to take head injuries and early onset dementia more seriously, a number of Taunton Rugby Club players have started planning for the future.

Over recent weeks, players from the Taunton Titans have been organising and signing Lasting Powers of Attorney to be prepared in case the worst happens.

In 2017 researchers from the University of Glasgow found that football and rugby players, who played for a sustained period of time were six times more likely to suffer with dementia later in life than the general population.

A Lasting Power of Attorney is in brief, a will that covers you over your lifetime, in case of losing mental capacity.

It covers two separate documents, one for property and financial affairs, the other for health and welfare matters..

The premise is to sign for a loved one to take over your decision making if you lose the ability to use your brain as you normally would.

Somerset County Gazette: George Gosling

George Gosling, Taunton Titans captain, signed his documents before the home win against Plymouth on the weekend.

He made clear how important he felt it was for him and his teammates to do this and be prepared for the future.

Last month, Taunton based will writer, Richard Kitzinger of Taunton Wills offered to help the rugby players with their documents, offering a discount on his services.

As well as that the rugby club offered to cover the cost of the health document application, meaning that it really was a good opportunity for players to organise their future plans.

Richard said, “Though we all hope it never happens, should any of the players suffer a loss of mental capacity, it’s vital they have appointed trusted attorneys to make decisions on their behalf and in their best interests.”

“Though typically people would appoint Lasting Powers of Attorney in mid-life, when there is a contact sport involved it makes sense to cover oneself.”