A STUDENT is raising awareness for fly-tipping after he noticed “there was even more rubbish” during the pandemic.

Daniel Hughes, 19, said he has been collecting litter for around a year and a half and he gradually got the rest of the community involved.

He said he filled trolleys with plastics, glass bottles, tyres, and even a kitchen sink.

Daniel said: “I have been doing this all year. Recently I have started filling trolleys with rubbish and then it kind of spiralled in a full-time thing.

“I was just very surprised to notice that even though we were in a pandemic there was a lot of rubbish. At the very start of the pandemic I realised how much there really was.

“I though I could do something about it and I did.”

Somerset County Gazette:
Daniel Hughes

Somerset County Gazette:
Daniel has been collecting rubbish to clean the town

Somerset County Gazette:
Some of the bags collected by Daniel

Daniel also said how the community supported his efforts. He said: “The community started to support me.

“I received lots of help and they also started raising money towards the new gear to carry on. They raised £250 and also set up a GoFundMe page to fund all the efforts.”

Daniel said he is pleased with the results and noticed that “after going out a lot” there was “less rubbish” on the streets and people were collecting more.

He also said: “I am not going to stop, at least I can kind of help.”

Somerset County Gazette:
The gear Daniel received after the community raised funds