MEMBERS of the public are being invited to take a look around a shooting range that has opened in Taunton today (Tuesday, January 4).

Businessman Nathan opened the doors to Tactical Assault this morning to allow people to see what is on offer in the premises at 66 Cheddon Road.

Visitors will be able to make bookings and buy gift tokens in the coming days before the range goes 'live' within the next week or two.

"We're saying to people, 'Come and have a look for yourself'," said Nathan.

"We don't want people to think it's something it isn't.

"It's a chance to decide if it's what you expected."

Nathan has previously moved to calm fears expressed by a neighbour worried at such a business being set up near a walkway to Priorswood Primary School.

He said: "I can understand residents' concerns and I've put together a video to show what's involved and am allowing people to come in and see what's involved before we operate fully.

"It's not live weapons in a garage.

"There's absolutely no danger involved.

"We use air soft 6mm pellets, similar to those used in BB guns.

"It's similar to paintballing, but people shoot at a target, not at each other.

"There's no pain and children under 16 have to wear full face masks, while over 16s have goggles for eye protection."

Nathan added: "We're looking to bring something to Taunton where teenagers can have a bit of fun instead of the regular entertainment.

"Our insurance covers players from the age of six. That shows how safe it is.

"Anyone walking past is more than welcome to come in and have a look now that we are open."

The shooting range features a variety of airsoft weaponry and gives customers the chance to compete with friends.

An armoury is stoked with the latest in airsoft weaponry including AEGs, GBB pistols and consumables.

The business retails "all things airsoft, security, military and survival" in store and also online.