If a new year could mean a new pet for your home - here are five four-legged friends for you to consider.

These tail waggers are in Somerset, being cared for at RSPCA rescue centres. Their rehoming centres remain closed to the public right now but are able to rehome animals using a remote process.

So, if you’re considering inviting a new dog into your home, take a look at these five, who are all looking for that special someone to take them in.


Rocco and Belle

Somerset County Gazette:

Where: Brent Knoll Animal Centre
Breed: British Bulldog
Age: Approximately 3 years

The pair came in via an RSPCA Inspector, as their owner could no longer cope.

While there may be aspects of their behaviour staff are not aware of, they do know they were said to be very loving and enjoy strokes.

They were also told Rocco could become anxious and bark with anything unfamiliar to him.

Rocco has had positive interactions with other dogs although he can be ‘full on’ initially, so care must be taken to ensure he is calm before greeting to avoid upsetting the other dog and protect him from negative reactions.

Belle is very friendly and confident with other dogs; she will approach in an excited way but is responsive to and easily distracted by food rewards.

It may be possible for the duo to live with other dogs but as they have each other, they are ideally looking for a home without other pets.

Living with children of secondary school age or older will be considered.

Rocco and Belle are a wonderful and affectionate pair and are a fun and entertaining duo.

For more information on how to adopt Rocco and Belle, visit the RSPCA website.


Somerset County Gazette:

Where: Bath Cats & Dogs Home
Breed: Lurcher
Age: Approximately 4 years

Coral is a lovely girl. She is sweet and affectionate with those she knows and will quickly become a cuddly companion in her new home.

She will need someone around for most of the day while she settles in.

Walking areas will need to be quiet for Coral. She has a very high prey drive and gets frustrated if she cannot chase - this is a common trait for her breed - so won't be able to be off lead in unsecure areas.

She also doesn’t get on well with other dogs, although Coral is muzzle training at the rescue centre. The best solution is secure dog fields or paddocks where you can both relax and have fun together.

She enjoys playtimes with a tennis ball and is very sweet taking her soft toys to her bed.

Coral can live with adults and older teens but needs to be the only pet in the home. She will make a fantastic companion to the right household.

For more information on how to adopt Coral, visit the RSPCA website.


Somerset County Gazette:

Where: Bath Cats & Dogs Home
Breed: Patterdale Terrier, Fell Terrier crossbreed
Age: Approximately 7 years

Terrence is a lovely older boy who is keen to say hello to everyone he meets!

He does not seem to know many basic commands so he’d appreciate patient owners that can give him further guidance on this and help with ongoing housetraining. Any time alone for Terrence should be built up gradually once he’s settled.

Out and about, Terrence is reactive to other dogs and wildlife. He is likely to react to neighbouring dogs if there are any so would be best going to an area with a smaller dog population.

He’d love some quiet walking areas where he can enjoy one on one time with his owners.

At home, Terrence will be wonderful company. He loves nothing more than a fuss from his favourite people and will hop up onto the sofa alongside you for some cuddles.

For more information on how to adopt Terrance, visit the RSPCA website.



Somerset County Gazette:

Where: Brent Knoll Animal Centre
Breed: Crossbreed/unknown
Age: Approximately 8 years

Lady came into care after her owner became ill and was no longer able to cope with her.

She has lived with a 13-year-old since he was a toddler and they got on well and is used to both men and women.

Her previous owner described her as affectionate and fun but will bark at the door.

She is used to going to the groomers and is well behaved there and at the vets.

Lady was rehomed but returned a couple of weeks later with an almost glowing report apart from not being compatible with the cats at the property along with being stronger than the adopter realised.

Lady has mixed with dogs successfully though prefers to keep to herself. She has given a grumble when another dog was too much for her.

For more information on how to adopt Lady, visit the RSPCA website.


Somerset County Gazette:

Where: Brent Knoll Animal Centre
Breed: Crossbreed/unknown crossbreed
Age: Approximately 8 years

Cute Charlie is a cracking dog who is highly affectionate with familiar people and very playful.

Charlie is a really lovely dog whose anxieties can get the better of him. It is possible that he is genetically predisposed to anxiety and so, it is important that future owners/carers understand that he is who he is.

Sadly, Charlie has also had experiences in life which have strengthened his anxieties.

Training will go some way towards helping him, however, it is likely that he will require behavioural management for the rest of his life.

For more information on how to adopt Charlie, visit the RSPCA website.