A WALKER was shocked to come across what appear to be the remains of a dog dumped at a flytipping blackspot in the countryside near Taunton.

The woman, who has asked not to be named, made the gruesome discovery at the side of the road on Feltham Hill, Corfe.

She said: "I was walking up the hill and there's some horrendous flytipping.

"Then I saw the bin bag at the side of the road and noticed the bones of a dead animal.

"I'm assuming by the size and shape of it it's a dog."

The woman added: "There is a horrendous amount of flytipping on Feltham Hill.

"There is an awful lot of bags, gas cannisters, bits of wood and various other items.

"Occasionally there have even been old sofas.

"Recently there was a note on a gate asking people to stop doing it."