A MODEST Good Samaritan stopped to help the elderly occupants of a car after it ploughed into a sub station.

The collision on Trenchard Way, Taunton, on Monday evening (January 10) caused a blackout of dozens of properties.

A passing motorist named Tom, who does not wish to be identified, pulled over to help the two people inside the Mercedes.

He said: "I stopped as I drove by, checked the Mercedes and found the two occupants inside."

Tom then helped the two of them into his car ahead of the arrival of firefighters and police following the incident shortly before 9pm..

He added: "They were a husband and wife.

"I arrived at the scene after the crash.

"Other bystanders were there helping me get them to my car after I stopped.

"They were shaken and yet able with assistance to make it to my car while we calmly waited for the ambulance to arrive, which took them away.

Somerset County Gazette:

The couple in the Mercedes were assisted to Tom's car.

"They had sore chests, I’m assuming from the airbags.

"I was impressed at how collected and calm they were considering the situation. Both the driver and his wife were very compos mentis."

Police and firefighters also attended the incident.

Somerset County Gazette:

Power was restored to affected homes in the area and on an estate off Priorswood Road at around 5am the following morning (Tuesday, January 11)).

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