MARK Formosa, who hopes to stand for the Conservatives at the next General Election in Taunton, has called for one or two new nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point.

He claims it would help cut energy bills in the area and warned that thousands of people are likely to die in the UK this winter because they cannot afford heating bills.

"We need to build new nuclear power stations, so that we can have secure energy supplies, cheap electricity which people can afford, and a low carbon footprint which reduces the greenhouse gases which cause global warming," said Mr Formosa.

He added that we should also look at other options such as wind, solar and tidal schemes.

He said: "There is possibly as much danger in becoming solely reliant on nuclear as there is in not having nuclear at all."

Mr Formosa was speaking following a tour of Hinkley Point shortly after the Government gave the green light to a new generation of nuclear build.

Hinkley is expected to be the site chosen for the first of the new nuclear stations.

Mr Formosa said: "It would be economically sensible to build twin reactors at Hinkley and I can see from the plans which have already been made that this is quite possible to do.

"Up to 1,000 jobs would be created by expansion on the site and that would give our local economy a much-needed boost, and I was pleased to meet many people who live in Taunton Deane who are already working at Hinkley."